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Risk assessment and management plans.

In situations where asbestos-containing applications are present in a construction or object, an NEN 2991 investigation can assess the risks for users.

In addition, that investigation can put into context a possible asbestos contamination. Depending on the results of this investigation, we can set up management measures that can be included in a management plan. In addition, specific decontamination advice can be formulated to create an asbestos-safe or asbestos-free situation.

Sanitas Milieukundig Adviesbureau B.V. can provide complete performance of exposure and risk investigations in accordance with the Dutch NEN 2991 standard, contamination investigations, and formulate management plans and decontamination advisory documents. In the management plan, we can explain what you need to do to deal effectively with the asbestos-containing applications that have been detected. With a low hazard assessment, it might not be necessary to decontaminate immediately, but dealing with an asbestos-containing application correctly is always a priority. How should you handle any emergencies? Are regular checks needed? You can find the answers to these questions in the management plan.